About NSGI

Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence

Nielsen SocialGuide Intelligence (NSGI) is an enterprise data solution that allows networks, and brands to harness the power of social TV. NSGI is the only social TV data analytics and audience engagement platform in the marketplace.

Through an exclusive agreement between Nielsen and Twitter, Nielsen Social played an active role in developing Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR), which launched in Fall 2013 and are accessible through NSGI, our audience engagement analytics platform. Note: NTTR are available only to clients who subscribe to the NTTR service. For more information, read the press release.

We're unique in the social TV space in that our DNA is equal parts technology and TV. As a result, we realize that the value of social TV information does not lie in numbers and graphs alone - it is also about the quality of the audience and what they are saying about your programming.

Through NSGI our clients can:
  • Measure: NSGI tracks the daily, weekly and monthly social activity for over 281 channels, every program aired.
  • Listen: NSGI surfaces the most popular comments from your audience and allows second by second tracking for every episode.
  • Engage: NSGI is the only product that allows you to identify and engage with the key influencers in your linear social TV audience.

For a demo and to set up a FREE evaluation of NSGI please contact us.

Our Capture Approach

For 3+ years we have been developing our Intelligent Social Recognition System (ISRS). The ISRS captures the social activity around the linear broadcast for every program aired across 281 of the most popular broadcast and cable channels in the United States. We capture the social TV activity within a specific window tied to its linear air: three hours before, during and three hours after airtime (i.e. a +3/-3 capture window). This is when the greatest activity and relevance occurs.

In order to meet the vast scale of television transmission our ISRS uses program type specific natural language rule sets to dynamically generate a series of unique keyword and keyword phrases for every program, capturing a baseline of relevant social activity in real time.

In addition, our team of social TV producers augments these keywords and keyword phrases to capture the full social lexicon of a TV program. Our producers are experts in the evolving language of the social television audience and most importantly, they are huge fans of TV. We believe this dual approach of a smart technology and smart editorial process is the best approach for capturing the largest body of the most relevant social activity for television.

Data Sources

At Nielsen Social we use the following data sources to power NSGI. We find these to be the only essential data sources necessary to accurately measure the vast majority of publicly available social TV activity.

  • Gracenote - Gracenote' trusted TV data informs our ISRS of what's on TV, on every TV system, across every time zone in the US. As a result, we are able to capture the social activity for TV for every program and program type aired.
  • Twitter - Twitter is the dominant public social TV platform and the vast majority of all social TV activity that is public is generated on Twitter. As a result, NSGI is focused exclusively on measuring the Twitter TV audience.